sally whittle training

Are you looking for a UK-based trainer for your PR team?

I am a highly experienced trainer, and can deliver effective, interactive training workshops for PR executives. I organise and run training workshops for freelance and small agency PR professionals in London and Manchester. I can also work with larger agencies on bespoke, in-house training.

The key types of training I deliver are:


I can work with your team to help them deliver fast, accurate engaging copy for any audience.

I have 20 years experience as a professional writer and have trained more than 100 PR executives, including working in-house at Firefly Communications for 12 months as an editorial trainer.

This training workshop will usually cover the basics of good copywriting, including common mistakes to avoid. The training will discuss the difference between writing a news release versus bylined articles, guest posts and more.

We’ll talk about the importance of introductions, using quotes effectively, and adjusting tone of voice. Through interactive exercises, we will explore how the same information can be adapted to work for multiple audiences.

The training will also cover the importance of creating content that works for an online audience, including the basics of SEO. We’ll look at identifying the most appropriate keywords and how to build content that has the best chance of ranking in search.

Influencer Marketing

I also offer training for brands and agencies that are working with online influencers.

Throughout the workshop, I’ll be giving real-life examples of campaigns I’ve worked on with brands including Coca-Cola and McDonald’s, down to start-up brands launching brand new products.

We’ll also work on real-time, interactive exercises demonstrating how to identify, analyse and reach out to key influencers.

The workshop will cover:

  • Selecting the right influencers and budget for your campaign
  • Key campaign models and examples of creative influencer content
  • Spotting influencer fraud and what authentic engagement looks like
  • How to maximise ROI by using influencer content as an asset
  • Measuring the impact and success of influencer outreach

Media Training

I have 20 years experience as a journalist for business publications and newspapers. During that time I’ve interviewed everyone from chief executives to teaching assistants.

I’m pleased to offer 1-2-1 and small group media training to companies that will help your team feel confident and prepared in talking to the media.

During a media training session we will focus on:

  • Understanding how the media works, for both news and features
  • Setting your goals before speaking to the media
  • How to stay calm, positive and on-message during a challenging interview
  • Using proof-points and storytelling during interviews
  • Live interview practice and immediate, constructive feedback


For more information on any of these services, please contact me directly at or 07400 450 893.